Excellence in Aviation Awards

The Excellence in Aviation Awards is an annual Banquet, hosted by The Flight Test Historical Foundation, to honor those who played a significant role in the country’s aviation and space exploration achievements and research, and offers those attending a rare opportunity of meeting America’s finest aerospace heroes and pioneers.

Former honorees of Excellence in Aviation award are: Buzz Aldrin, Felix Baumgartner, Robert A. “Bob” Hoover, Brig Gen Robert L. Cardenas, Maj Gen Joe Engle, Robert Gilliland, David Hartman, Col Joe Kittinger, Clay Lacy, Jens K. Neelsen, Frank Robinson (Founder, Robinson Helicopter), Delford M. Smith (Founder, Evergreen Aviation), David Tallichet (W.W. II pilot, Founder, Specialty Restaurants), Art Thompson (Founder, Sage Cheshire Aerospace), and Dr. James O. Young (Former Chief Historian, Air Force Flight Test Center, Edwards, AFB).

Funds raised at EIA Awards Banquet go toward restoration of the Flight Test Museum’s aircraft and towards relocating the Air Force Flight Test Museum from its current location, inside the base, to outside the West Gate to make it accessible to general public.  Because of the events of 9/11, access to the base has been severely restricted and currently general public does not have access to the museum. Proceeds will also support funding of scholarships to deserving college students who enter STEM careers after graduation.