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There are currently over 80 aircraft in the AFFT museum’s collection, with 41 on display (36 at Edwards AFB and five at Blackbird Airpark in Palmdale) and the remainder in storage or restoration.  The numerous volunteers, supporters and trustees of the FTHF are dedicated to preserving the history of flight test to inspire future generations. Foundation Members and Museum Volunteers have put in numerous hours to sustain artifacts and one-of-a-kind objects that tell the rich history of aviation and flight test.  There are so many other aircraft just waiting to be restored to their former glory and put on display in the museum.

With your help, we will achieve our goal of preserving these historic aircraft for future generations.

Restoration Campaigns

  1. McDonnell Douglas YF-15A-4-MC (71-0287)

    McDonnell Douglas YF-15A-4-MC, s/n 71-0287, made its first flight on 25 August 1973. Assigned to Edwards AFB for testing, 71-0287 was part of the first 12 Category I pre-production test aircraft and was used as the test aircraft for spin recovery and angle of attack trials and fuel systems tests. Unfortunately, much of the aircraft has been stripped out over the years, including the engines and cockpit. It is the hope of the Flight Test Museum to eventually restore the interior, but for now the aircraft is in need of paint. Help preserve this historic aircraft and place it on public display.
    $201.00 donated

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  2. Beechcraft Model 18

    Our aircraft had been restored some time back but has now suffered from years of exposure in the harsh Mojave Desert. Restoration volunteers for the Flight Test Museum will remove the remaining fabric covering and install aluminum sheeting in place of the fabric. They will then prepare the surface of the aircraft to be repainted in silver. Your help is once again needed to cover these cost. Once the work is completed it is our hope that this aircraft will not remain outside very much longer until the new museum is built outside the West Gate of Edwards AFB.
    $0.00 donated

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  3. 79-10783 at Edwards AFB

    YF-117A Stealth Fighter (79-10783)

    The aircraft has been stored inside a hangar facility assigned to the museum for the last four years where museum volunteers have begun the task of restoring this historic aircraft. Your financial help is needed in preparing this very historic aircraft for eventual public display in the Air Force Flight Test Museum’s NEW museum building, to be located outside the Edwards AFB West Gate and accessible to the general public as well as related exhibit costs.
    $1,001.00 donated

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  4. XB-47 Stratojet (46-066)

    XB-47 (46-066) is back home at Edwards AFB! Thanks to the support of many and to a generous grant from the Boeing Corporation, we have been able to contract with Worldwide Aircraft Recovery to disassemble, transport and reassemble this treasured aircraft. We do still need contributions to prepare XB-47 (46-066) for display at the Air Force Flight Test Museum. Private funds must be used to support this effort; so again, your help is very much needed. With your help, we will achieve our goal of preserving this truly historic aircraft for future generations.
    $300.00 donated

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Donations are tax deductible under the FTHF’s 501(c)(3) status as a non-profit organization.

The Flight Test Historical Foundation is a private organization. The FTHF is not a part of the Department of Defense or any of its components and it has no government status.