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Flight Test Historical Foundation
Capital Campaign
Goal: $6.75 Million

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Air Force Flight Test Museum at Edwards Air Force Base Relocation and Expansion Plan

Phase 1 – West Gate Site Preparation – $750K, Estimated completion date April 2015Capital Campaign Goal

This phase includes preparing the site for the relocation and expansion of the museum. An environmental assessment will be conducted. A statement of work covering the construction of the new museum will be developed and a formal request for quotes will be published. The selected construction firm will be responsible for developing the design and construction documents and completing the engineering/permitting processes.

The firm will deconstruct and recover the steel girders and reusable materials from three Ontario Airport Lockheed Air Service Hangars and transport them to our temporary storage site at Edwards. The entire site will be developed to support all future facility construction plans.

Phase 2 – Hangar 1 Construction – $2.5M, Estimated completion date March 2016

A 70,000 square foot hangar will be erected as part of Phase 2. The aircraft and artifacts at the current museum will be relocated. The current gift shop will be moved into temporary space inside the new hangar. A classroom dedicated to STEM learning activities will be installed in a temporary space as well.

Phase 3 – Gift Shop/STEM Classroom Construction – $1M, Estimated completion date June 2016

A 12,000 square foot building for the permanent gift shop and STEM classroom will be built directly adjacent to Hangar 1.

Phase 4 – Hangar 2 Construction – $1.25M, Estimated completion date April 2017

A 40,000 square foot hangar will be erected next to the gift shop building. The space will be used to highlight the Museum’s “Black” and “X-Plane” aircraft and displays.

Phase 5 – Hangar 2 Expansion – $1.25M, No estimated completion date

Hangar 2 will be expanded to 70,000 square feet. The new 30,000 square foot expansion will provide for additional aircraft displays.

Phase 6 – “Pancho Barnes” Theme Auditorium and Artifact Storage Facility – No estimated cost or estimated completion date

A future auditorium and artifact storage facility will be located between the two hangars directly adjacent to the gift shop and STEM classroom.



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