Junior Test Pilot School

At the AFFT Museum on Edwards Air Force Base, all visitors can learn about STEM subjects at work in flight test through the exhibits and displays. In addition to the school and group tours arranged by the Air Force Base, the FTHF supported an effort to create a Junior Test Pilot School – a completely online program that offers interactive modules designed for students to learn STEM principles using the aircraft, experiments, and advances at Edwards Air Force Base.

At the site, students from around the world can learn more about Edwards, test flight, and the experimental aircraft developed there. The students choose missions to conduct and receive certificates for successful completion of the STEM based missions.




Instructions for Enrolling

Start with the “Become a Junior Test Pilot course. This is your introduction to the Junior Test Pilot School. Then you can choose different missions and learn about the subjects that you want to. You can work through the missions at your own pace and earn badges and certifications as you go. How many can you get?

Become a Junior Test Pilot Your first step in becoming a Junior Test Pilot is to complete this first lesson. After this lesson, you will be able to choose the missions you want to complete from the catalog. You can earn patches and certificates as you work through the missions. How many missions can you complete?  Self Paced

HowDoThingsFlyMission:  How Do Airplanes Fly? Are you curious to learn, how airplanes fly? In this mission, you will learn about the four forces that work together to make flying an airplane possible. Click on the “ENROLL” tab to the right to accept your mission to learn what makes airplanes fly!!! Self Paced

F22RaptorMission: The F-22, G-Force, and Mach Speed In this mission, you will learn about the F-22 Raptor, the Air Force’s premier stealth fighter, g-force and its effects, and just how fast Mach speed is! Self Paced


 The Space Shuttle, Boeing 747, and Edwards Instructor May 26, 2013 – Jun 2, 2018


For more information or questions regarding the JTPS please email:  jtps@afftcmuseum.org